Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Disneyland Paris (Convention to follow..!)

This is an old post that I had saved in drafts. Scroll down to previous post to see Havly workshop details xx

Every time I blog I have to apologise for the long absence of any posts and I'm having to do it again!

It has been a crazy few months since the end of August and I'm finally slowing down (although still with a LOT of Christmassy things to do!)

The biggest event recently was Stampin' Up! Convention in Disneyland Paris!  Which was so good that even though I spent a day and a half on the Parcs, when people ask me about it, I don't even think about Disneyland, it's all about Convention!

I was incredibly excited to be meeting up with the team that I only met for the first time last Convention, but have gotten to know a little through blogs and emails and think they are amazing.  Genuinely lovely, friendly people.  How happy am I that we are in the same team!

So after three flights to Paris, arriving in a closing Charles de Gaulle airport, struggling to find the shuttle to my first overnight hotel and having to lift my heavy suitcases up and down the escalators (it was so late they had been switched off!) I finally got to my first hotel room, incredibly relieved and a little tired!

The next day was back to the airport and then getting the Disney bus to the Sequoia Lodge hotel at Disneyland.  That went very smoothly and I got off the bus only to see Amanda and Elizabeth heading in to Reception to check in!  From there we stored bags and hit the Parcs where I saw all of this...

Had a lovely day and a half in the parcs but it was nothing compared to convention!

Convention post to follow...

Please look at my last blog to see details of my up and coming Havly workshop... Weds 8th feb 7.30pm with lots of freebies! x

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